Friday, March 9th, 2012

Art Nouveau Gardenias

California Wedding Day Magazine

This month California Wedding Day magazine featured a long-loved design that’s lived in my head for two years or so. Inspired by the spaghetti-haired girls, plants and reeds of the Art Nouveau movement, we created this gentle homage to the era.

I was particularly excited about this feature because the focus is on flavor, and how the flavor reflects the colors and design on the exterior. The outer design features hand-painted reeds and gardenias and various shades of olive, lime green, and pink accents, all outlined in 18K gold. Sugar gardenias adorn the side of the cake and the table (yes, even those petals on the table are sugar!) and occur in a more figurative style on the cake, so we created the Pink Gardenia flavor for the interior: Pink Velvet cake layered with raspberry puree, whole raspberries and gardenia aromatic buttercream. Slight whiffs of gardenia along with the sweet soft cake and whole raspberries conjure a Summer-garden feel.

If you look closely at the plated piece of cake, you’ll notice the leaves under the raspberries are also sugar — yum!

Behind-the-scenes: Things frequently change during a shoot due to unforseeable circumstances. This time, the four-layer cake slice was *too long* for the plate, so the photographer had to carefully cut off the bottom layer! Luckily the way the image was cropped for publication, it simply looks like the cake continues off the page. Clever, no?

Floral flavors like gardenia (and more commonly lavender and rose) can be very polarizing: People either love them or hate them. I think they’re good if done EXTREMELY subtly. What are your thoughts?

Many thanks to Lara Burnap at CWD and to High Tea for Alice for the lovely vintage cake stand.

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