Almond Pistachio
Almond cake layered with a crunchy, nut-filled pale green pistachio icing.

The Barbados
Soft white coconut cake brushed with Bacardi light rum syrup and filled with lime-coconut icing. A great island flavor for Spring/Summer.

Cardamom Chocolate Cake
Perfect for adding a little Eastern flair, this Southeast Asian-inspired cardamom chocolate cake is filled with vanilla bean icing.

Carrot Cake
Our modern take on the traditional Carrot Cake is made with a blend of four cinnamon varieties, studded with hand-chopped/salted/roasted walnuts, and iced with cream cheese icing blended with a touch of lemon zest.

Champagne-Raspberry Truffle
Champagne cake layered with raspberry puree, then filled with raspberry buttercream and deep chocolate ganache.

The Champs-Elysee
Subtly-flavored Champagne cake layered with strawberry compote and strawberry puree buttercream.

Chocolate-Raspberry Torte
Our chocolate cake is layered with deep pink raspberry puree buttercream.

Hazelnut Chocolate Torte
A great upscale alternative to yellow cake with chocolate icing, this cake features champagne cake iced with hazelnut buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Lemon-Orange Citrus Cake
Lemon cake soaked with Grand Marnier syrup, then iced with fresh blood orange icing. A bright, fresh flavor combination.

Lemon cake brushed with tart red raspbery puree, then iced with fresh raspberry buttercream icing. Perfect for Spring!

North Beach Torte
Chocolate cake is layered with bold Tiramisu-Cappuccino icing. Wonderful for a night wedding.

Opera Cake
Almond cake soaked with coffee-dark rum syrup, then filled with French mocha buttercream and chocolate ganache. Decadent!

Pink Velvet
A pale pink cake made with white chocolate, this soft, light cake is layered with fresh vanilla bean icing.

Tuxedo Cake
Chocolate and vanilla lovers alike will find something to love in the Tuxedo cake. Four alternating layers of dark chocolate and white vanilla cake are filled with caramel buttercream and a layer of pure fresh caramel.


Dessert Bar Options

biscotti for site menuAlmond-Anise Biscotti
Whole almonds and fresh anise seed make these biscotti irresistable on your dessert table or coffee station. These biscotti are tip-dipped in semi-sweet chocolate for fun. And because chocolate. These biscotti are also available boxed for gifting in five and 10-piece quantities from our online shop.





macaroons for site menuCoconut Macaroons
Baked firm on the outside, fresh and chewy on the inside, these small bites of sweet coconut are heaven.






Caramel for site menuFleur de Sel Caramels
Soft, buttery, fresh caramel studded with Fleur de Sel hand-harvested from France. These caramels are also available in 5, 10, and 20-piece boxes in our online shop.






Florentines for site menuFlorentine Lace Cookies
Crispy, chewy, nut-and-oat filled Florentines are a perennial favorite. Ours are painted on the bottom with semisweet Belgian chocolate.






Fruit Tartlets for siteFruit Tartlets
Sweet pastry cream dotted with vanilla bean topped with fresh raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries as seasonal offerings permit.






lemon tartlet for site menuLemon Tartlets
A tart lemon-curd shot fills a sweet pastry shell for a marvelous one-bite taste of Spring. Topped with toasted Italian meringue.






Rochers for site menuRocher Truffles
A deep chocolate exterior gives way to a light crunchy hazelnut interior. A 24K gold swipe on top gives it an elegant touch.






CCCookies for site menuSalted Chocolate Chip Cookies
Slightly crunchy on the edges and soft at the center, this cookie is made spectacular by the addition of single-source European chocolate and a dusting of salt on top. Eat them upside down to get the full salty-chocolate experience. These cookies are also available in five and 10-piece boxes from our online shop.





Splitters for site menuSplitter Truffles
Salted, hand-chopped, and roasted hazelnuts and almonds are held together with white chocolate to form these nutty delicious nut clusters. Each one is lovingly bottom-dipped in dark chocolate for an extra flavor kick.