Our most popular combinations

The Barbados
Soft white coconut cake brushed with Bacardi light rum syrup and filled with lime-coconut icing. A great island flavor for Spring/Summer.

Carrot Cake
Our modern take on the traditional Carrot Cake is made with a blend of four cinnamon varieties, studded with hand-chopped/salted/roasted walnuts, and iced with cream cheese icing blended with a touch of lemon zest.

Champagne-Raspberry Truffle
Champagne cake layered with raspberry puree, then filled with raspberry buttercream and deep chocolate ganache.

The Champs-Elysee
Subtly-flavored Champagne cake layered with Strawberry Swirl icing. Upgrade your Champs-Elysee by requesting white buttercream studded with sliced fresh strawberries at center.

Chocolate & Raspberries
Our chocolate cake is layered with deep pink raspberry puree buttercream. Upgrade your cake with a center layer of fresh white buttercream studded with whole fresh raspberries.

The Citrus Cake
Lemon cake soaked with lemon syrup, then iced with fresh Blood Orange icing. A bright, fresh flavor combination.

North Beach Torte
Chocolate Black Onyx cake is layered with bold Tiramisu-Cappuccino icing.

Opera Cake
Almond cake soaked with coffee-dark rum syrup, then filled with French mocha buttercream and chocolate ganache in the center. Add a paper-thin layer of 23-karat edible gold for a sumptuous surprise.

Pink Velvet
A pale pink cake made with white chocolate, this soft, light cake is fantastic with Vanilla bean icing (or in the Spring, try it with Three Berry icing — very light!).

Red Velvet
Everyone’s favorite, our Red Velvet features a deep red color and fresh cream cheese icing.

Tuxedo Cake
Chocolate and vanilla lovers alike will find something to love in the Tuxedo cake. Four alternating layers of dark chocolate and white vanilla cake are filled with caramel buttercream. Upscale your Tuxedo by requesting a layer of pure Fleur de Sel caramel at the center.


A dense, pale-yellow cake containing bits of shelled ground almonds.

Carrot Cake
Fresh-grated carrot, toasted walnut chunks and a blend of four cinnamons.

Subtle champagne flavor in a soft yellow cake.

Chocolate Black Onyx
Soft, deep brown chocolate cake.

Soft white cake with shredded coconut and coconut milk.

Light yellow cake flavored only with fresh lemon zest and juice.

Pink Velvet
Pale pink cake made with white chocolate. Soft and pretty.

Red Velvet
Bright red, soft cake.

This favorite is flavored with a generous dose of imported Madagascar vanilla.


24K Gold Sheets
Fine, thin sheets of 24K gold added atop a filling (best on chocolate ganache).

Blood Orange
Pale orange buttercream flavored with pure Blood Orange puree.

Smooth coffee-flavored buttercream.

Fleur de Sel caramel mixed with buttercream for a smoothe, pale brown caramel buttercream.

Light chocolate buttercream flavored only with pure Belgian chocolate.

Chocolate Ganache
Rich, deep-brown chocolate spread.

Cream Cheese
A deliciously tangy compliment to Red Velvet, or accented with lemon zest when paired with the Carrot Cake for a lighter flavor.

Fleur De Sel Caramel
Pure, soft Fleur de Sel caramel. Add a layer to the center of your Tuxedo Cake for great additional texture.

Gardenia Aromatic
A soft white buttercream very lightly enhanced with Gardenia. That means when you take a bite you first taste fresh cake and sweet icing, then a beat later, sense the Gardenia up in your sinuses. An amazing cake experience!

A speckled buttercream flavored with Hazelnut-Praline cream.

Lavender Aromatic
A pale lavender buttercream lightly enhanced with lavender essence and real lavender blossoms. A great treat for your guests in Spring.

Fresh lemon buttercream flavored with lemon zest.

Lemon Curd
Bright yellow, tart lemon curd.

Pale green, speckled with lime zest, and enhanced with a handful of sweet shredded coconut.

Lime Curd
Beautiful chartreuse-green curd with a tart lime flavor.

Nutella Buttercream
Hazelnut and chocolate are already best friends, so we fluffed them up with a little buttercream to make this decadent filling.

(see Blood Orange)

A pale green buttercream crunch studded with hand-chopped and roasted pistachios.

White buttercream mixed with whole fresh raspberries.

Raspberry Swirl
Deep pink buttercream featuring fresh raspberry puree.

Rose Aromatic
A soft white or pink buttercream very subtly enhanced with Rose. That means when you take a bite you first taste fresh icing, then a beat later, sense the Rose. A great vintage twist in flavor.

Rose Ganache
A dark chocolate or white chocolate ganache lightly fragranced with Rose. A terrific way to surprise your guests with a sensory treat!

White buttercream mixed with sliced fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Swirl
A light red buttercream with strawberry puree marbled into the mix.

Three Berry Icing
White buttercream mixed with fresh raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Available June-September.

Vanilla Bean
An ivory-white buttercream speckled with the seed of fresh vanilla beans.